NQBP supports the establishment and expansion of trade within our four ports – Weipa, Abbot Point, Mackay and Hay Point.

If you have a prospective development, port related business, land requirement or you want to discuss how you can improve operational efficiency within our ports, please email

NQBP’s Senior Manager Commerce and Trade, Eddie Mallan, will coordinate our initial guidance on how NQBP can assist with your opportunity.

You will benefit from our significant understanding of ports, including planning, the availability of land and current infrastructure.

By engaging early with NQBP we can help you understand both the risks and major opportunities to consider as your port-related development progresses.

Port of Weipa handbook

Port of Abbot Point handbook

Port of Mackay handbook

Port of Hay Point handbook


Under the Queensland legislation Sustainable Ports Development Act 2015, the Department of State Development (DSD) is responsible for preparing the master plans for the four designated priority ports in Queensland – Gladstone, Townsville, Abbot Point and Hay Point/Mackay.

For NQBP’s ports, the draft master plan for Abbot Point is expected to be released in 2017 and the draft master plan for Hay Point/Mackay is due for release in 2018.

NQBP is providing assistance and technical advice to DSD in the preparation of these plans.

For further information on the State Government’s port master planning programme, please visit the DSD website.


The Land Use Plans outline NQBP’s Strategic Port Land and governs the location of new development and operations at our ports.

NQBP’s Land Use Plans are developed in accordance with the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 and are reviewed and rewritten at least every eight years.  All new development on Strategic Port Land must comply with the requirements of the Land Use Plan.


All new development or operations on Strategic Port Land must be approved by NQBP.  NQBP also acts as Assessment Manager under the Sustainable Planning Act for new development on Strategic Port Land. Click here to view past NQBP assessment manager decisions.

NQBP’s Sustainable Port Development Guidelines provide the detailed standards and requirements for development in NQBP’s ports of Hay Point, Mackay, Abbot Point and Weipa.

The guidelines have been developed to ensure a high standard of new development on NQBP land while providing cost-effective and sustainable outcomes for development proponents.

The guidelines provide standards for development aspects such as building design, site layout, parking, sustainable design, landscaping and fencing.

All new development on NQBP’s strategic port land must comply with these guidelines.

The process for assessment of Port Development Applications is provided in Section 2 of the above document.

You will need to complete an NQBP development assessment application form to apply for NQBP assessment of a development proposal and pay an application fee.