Review date 24 April 2012


Policies which assist NQBP to deliver its functions and responsibilities are listed below.
1-1 Governance Policy35. KB23/05/14
1-2 Compliance Policy28.0 KB23/05/14
1-3 Competition and Consumer Law Compliance Policy32.0 KB23/05/14
1-4 Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest Policy62 KB23/05/14
1-5 Trading (Securities) Policy35 KB29/05/14
1-6 Directors and Officers Liability Policy182.6 KB27/09/10
1-7 Whistleblower Protection Policy44.0 KB23/05/14
1-8 Right to Information Policy22.0 KB23/05/14
1-9 Business Continuity Management Policy25.2 KB27/09/10
1-10 Risk Management Policy48.9 KB18/07/12
1-11 Integrity Framework Policy – Corrupt Conduct and Public Interest Disclosures64.8 KB19/07/12
1-12 Code of Conduct Policy40.5 KB21/05/14
1-13 Intellectual Property Management40.0 KB17/01/14
1-14 Privacy Policy 32.1 KB10/06/14
2-1 Hospitality and Entertainment Policy33.0 KB24/03/15
2-2 Recordkeeping policy29.2 KB27/02/13
2-3 Corporate Identity Policy24.2 KB30/08/12
2-4 Media Management Policy29.9 KB27/09/10
2-6 Donations and Sponsorships30.5 KB06/03/14
2-7 Complaints Policy24.3 KB17/10/11
3-1 Standards of Construction158.2 KB17/01/14
3-2 Maintenance of Port Facilities168.5 KB17/01/14
4-1 Environment Policy51.6 KB17/07/12
4-2 Sustainability38.6 KB17/01/14
5-1 Finance Policy65.0 KB29/05/14
5-2 Travel Policy65.0 KB29/05/14
5-3 Acceptance of Gifts Policy29.0 KB29/05/14
5-4 Fraud Control Policy36.0 KB39/05/14
5-5 Procurement Policy220.8 KB26/11/13
5-6 Private Use of Motor Vehicles and Other NQBP Equipment Policy33.0 KB10/6/15
6-1 Chief, Senior Executives & Senior Employee Governance & Remuneration Policy32 KB21/05/14
6-2 Grievance Resolution Policy46.8 KB24/06/14
6-3 Harassment Bullying and Discrimination Policy34 KB21/05/14
6-4 Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy28.8 KB12/06/14
6-5 Performance, Employee Development and Succession Planning Policy28.8 KB24/06/14
6-6 Workforce Management Policy23.3 KB27/08/14
6-13 Corporate Uniforms and Dress Standards Policy24.3 KB20/07/12
6-14 Workplace Health and Safety Policy49.8 KB20/07/12
6-15 Workplace Rehabilitation Policy36.1 KB20/07/12
6-17 Years of Service Policy35.74 KB20/07/12
6-19 Fitness for Work Policy29.3KB28/3/14
6-19 Drug and Alcohol Procedure44.3KB28/3/14
6-21 Higher Duties Policy28.62 KB17/08/12
7-1 Information Communication Technology38 KB27/11/12
8-2 Louisa Creek Property Acquisition and Maintenance Policy28.8 KB08/04/11
8-3 Australian Defence Force Vessels Policy20.4 KB25/06/13
8-4 Pilotage Safety and Operations23.1 KB07/08/14
9-1 Security Policy27.2 KB27/09/10
9-2 Closed Circuit Television Policy36.0 KB06/08/12
Privacy Plan

NQBP has developed a Privacy Plan to comply with the 10 National Privacy Principles.