Review date 24 April 2012

What Is The Right To Information Act 2009

The aim of Right to Information legislation is to make more information available and provide equal access to information across all sectors of the community, while providing appropriate levels of privacy for individuals.

Further information about Whole of Government policy and the relevant legislation is available from www.rti.qld.gov.au.

How To Apply For Information

If you are seeking access to your own personal information, you can apply under the Information Privacy Act 2009. If you are seeking access to non-personal information which is not available in our Publication Scheme, Disclosure Log or by Administrative Access Schemes, you should apply under the Right to Information Act 2009.

To request access or copies of documents held by NQBP, please download and complete the Right to Information or Information Privacy Access Application.

If you want to request access or copies of documents which relate to your personal information and want to apply to have that information amended, please download and complete the Information Privacy Personal Information Amendment Application.

Application forms must:
  • be accompanied by the application fee where applicable;
  • give sufficient information concerning the document to enable the identification of the document;
  • state the applicant’s address;
  • state whether access to the document is sought for the benefit of, or use of the document by, the applicant or another entity; and
  • if access to the document is sought for the benefit of or use of the document by an entity other than the applicant, include the name of the other entity.

Applicants requesting access to personal information must also provide with the application or within 10 days of application having been made:

  • evidence of identity of the applicant;
  • if an agent is acting for the applicant – evidence of the agent’s authorisation and evidence of identity of the agent.

Details about basic charges for an RTI access application can be found at www.rti.qld.gov.au. Additional fees and charges are treated on a case by case basis and will be provided in the ‘Charges Estimate Notice’ required under section 36 of the RTI Act.

Your applications can be mailed to:

GPO Box 409

Please note that to protect your privacy and the public interest, we may refuse access to a document under the provisions of the Right to Information Act 2009 and the Information Privacy Act 2009.

Administrative Access Schemes

Our administrative access schemes provide information available for purchase on application to either NQBP or another agency holding the information. Fees associated with the purchase of documents within administrative access schemes are provided in our Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Disclosure log

DateReference and ApplicantDetails of Information Requested
Environmental Defenders Office (Qld) Inc on behalf of the Australian Marine Conservation Society Inc
Submissions made by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) or other Queensland or Commonwealth government agencies in relation to the Public Environment Report (PER) on Abbot Point EPBC 2011/6213/GBRMPA G34897, within the period 2012-13.

Released documents

North Queensland Conservation Council
All documents relating to the proposed tug harbour at Abbot Point created since January 2014 to the present.

Released documents

Mackay Conservation Group
Documents regarding DSDIP taking on the role of proponent of the dredging and other works for the Abbot Point Coal Terminal expansion including but not limited to the Abbot Point Port and Wetland Project and the Abbot Point Dredging and Onshore Placement of Dredge material.

Released documents

Mackay Conservation Group
The first and final drafts of any studies, reports or investigations relating to the health or ecological impacts of coal dust from NQBP coal facilities [sic], commissioned within the last 5 years including any internal documents (including emails) containing discussion of the health or ecological impacts of coal dust from NQBP coal facilities within the last 3 years.

• Bundle #01, pp 1-64
• Bundle #02, pp 65-122
• Bundle #03, pp 123-184
• Bundle #04, pp 185-250
• Bundle #05, pp 251-338
• Bundle #06, pp 339-405
• Bundle #07, pp 406-482
• Bundle #08, pp 483-538
• Bundle #09, pp 539-606
• Bundle #10, pp 607-686
• Bundle #11, pp 687-746
• Bundle #12, pp 747-792
• Bundle #13, pp 793-829

You can obtain copies of the released documents by clicking on the links above in the column titled ‘Details of decision/released documents’.  Please note that these links will take you away from this site.  You can also send a written request with the details of the information requested, including the reference number, to:

RTI Officer
GPO Box 409

or email


Please note that access charges may apply.

If you require further detail on information relating to the above Disclosure Log, please contact the RTI Officer.  Contact details are listed above.

Once documents have been released to an applicant under the RTI Act 2009, where applicable, a summary of the Schedule of Documents pertaining to that application will be posted on the above Disclosure Log at least 24 hours after release to the applicant.

Feedback And Complaints

If you wish to provide feedback to improve our Publication Scheme or make a complaint about the information available, please contact us.

If you require further information about the RTI Act, please contact NQBP’s RTI Officer on 3011 7957 or by email.

Privacy Plan

NQBP has developed a Privacy Plan to comply with the 10 National Privacy Principles.

How Do I Access Information

Publication Scheme

Our publication scheme describes and categorises information routinely available from NQBP. It has been produced to give the community greater access to information held by NQBP. All information and documents accessible from our publication scheme is provided free of charge except where otherwise stipulated. The information has been grouped into the following seven classes: