NQBP provides pilotage services at the Port of Mackay and the Port of Hay Point.

The Ports of Mackay and Hay Point are compulsory pilotage areas.  All ships that are 50 m or more proceeding within the pilotage areas must either carry a licensed marine pilot or be under the command of a master who holds a pilotage exemption certificate for the area.

Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) may grant a master an exemption from pilotage within a declared Queensland pilotage area. Exemptions to shipping are not available for offshore terminals such as Hay Point.  Please contact the MSQ Mackay office for more information.

On boarding the ship, the pilot and master will conduct an exchange of information with the master providing ship specific details and problems to be noted.  The pilot will provide a plan of approach taking into account the local port specific details. The pilot must be given the navigational conduct of the vessel while the master retains overall command of the vessel. Ongoing advice to the bridge team is provided by the pilot.

Passage Plans

Safe and efficient pilotage depends on the effectiveness of the communication and exchange of information between the pilot, the master and the bridge team. One of the key methods of communication used to gain a general agreement on pilotage plans and procedures for the arrival and departure of the ship is the completion of a passage plan by the master and pilot.  The approved passage plans below are available for the information of masters.

Mackay Arrival

Mackay Departure

Hay Point Arrival

Hay Point Departure

Helicopter safety Hay Point & Mackay

Special conditions

Special conditions may apply in the Mackay pilotage area for ships less than 50 m in length.  These conditions may be applied to ship movements with restrictive depths or widths.  If applicable, they will be determined by the MSQ Regional Harbour Master and provided at the time of the initial notification of arrival.  Please contact the MSQ Mackay office for more information.


Fees can be found on the MSQ website.  If you have enquiries relating to the fees, please contact the MSQ Mackay office.

Shipping movements in Queensland

A summary of information about current shipping movements in Queensland ports can be seen at the QShips ship movement display program.  Here you can view information on ships in a particular port including movements in the port yesterday, today and tomorrow, as well as seven days ahead.

Requesting a Pilot

Pilotage is supplied as per the scheduling arrangements found within the Port Procedures Manuals for Mackay or Hay Point as required.  Instructions can be found on the MSQ website.