The Port of Mackay is a multi-cargo port, predominantly facilitating the export of sugar and grain.

The Port of Mackay is located five kilometres north of the city of Mackay and comprises an artificial harbour formed by rock breakwaters. The port is a multi-commodity port and is one of the major servicing centres for the central Queensland mining sector. It comprises four wharves catering primarily for the export of sugar and sugar product and grain, as well as the import of petroleum products and the import and export of break-bulk cargo.

Land areas behind the Port accommodate over 100 industrial and commercial businesses with substantial areas of land suitable for further development.

The Port of Mackay along with Northern Stevedoring Services (NSS) offers a federally certified wash-down facility and quarantine approved premises within the secure port precinct, learn more and find out about charges.

Northern Stevedoring Services (NSS) certified wash-down facility

Northern Stevedoring Services (NSS) certified wash-down facility








NQBP is proud to support its local community in Mackay. Through the Corporate Communities Program, NQBP has demonstrated its commitment by recently providing support to the following local organisations and events:
NQBP EcoPorts Grants

Each year NQBP provides a total of ten EcoPorts grants to schools in our port communities.

• In 2016 the following schools within the Port of Mackay community were awarded grants:
• Glenella State School
• Beaconsfield State School
• North Mackay State High School
• Mackay State High School
• Mirani State High School
• St Patrick’s College

NQBP is proud to help schools implement initiatives that support a healthy environment.

For more information on this program, visit our Communities page.

Mackay Marina Run

The Mackay Marina Run is the premier community running event for Mackay which raises much-needed funds for the local branch of the Leukaemia Foundation.

NQBP is proud to supports the event every year through sponsorship, use of the Port’s Southern Breakwater and the recent introduction of the NQBP Kids Zone in 2016. Staff from NQBP’s Mackay office also participate in the event as a team.

Public facilities

Southern Breakwater

The Port of Mackay’s southern breakwater was constructed in 1998 during the development of the Mackay Marina. The breakwater is owned, managed and maintained by NQBP and while the breakwater’s primary function is to provide the Marina with a level of protection from sea and weather conditions, it is also an iconic recreation destination for residents and tourists.

When visiting the breakwater, please note the speed limit is 40 kmh and speed humps are in place to discourage speeding.  Please also be aware that access is limited to vehicles weighing no more than four tonnes. Trailers and caravans are not allowed to access the breakwater.
The breakwater access road is a private road but road rules apply, and the police are permitted to fine road users for any infringements. Anyone visiting the breakwater should exercise due care, not climb on the rocks and be mindful of the impact of their actions on others.

Other NQBP public facilities include the Kommo Toera Trail, Old Mulherin Park and North Wall beach.

Educational port tours and school talks

School tours and classroom visits for schools within the Port of Mackay community are available on request. These tours help us connect with our younger generations and promote ‘all things ports’ as well as highlighting the role we play in the local and state economy.


North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP) is committed to a sustainable and responsible environmental approach that seeks to, where possible, prevent, and always to reduce and manage its impact on the environment.


The Port of Mackay has an extensive history, undergoing significant developments over its near 150-year history.
For a full timeline of the Port of Mackay’s history, click here.