NQBP offers an online induction for contractors and frequent visitors who have an operational reason to access the secure area of the Port of Mackay or an NQBP site or office. An induction must be completed before a Port of Mackay Access Card can be issued.


There are a number of inductions available depending on your reason for accessing the secure area of the Port of Mackay, an NQBP work site or an office.

Please note that completion of an incorrect induction may result in your removal from an NQBP port site until the appropriate induction is completed.

If you are unsure which induction you are required to complete, please contact your NQBP representative.


Do this induction if you are any of those listed below


Approximate Time

Port of Mackay Port Access
  • Tenant employees
  • Bulk product delivery drivers
  • Courier and taxi drivers
  • Project and construction workers
  • Stevedores and providores
A person engaged by another organisation required to work in areas under the control of NQBP and is issued a port access card. This includes employees and contractors who work for, or are engaged by an organisation inside NQBP’s port site.25-30 minutes
Contractor TradeQualified tradesperson, labourers, or consultant (on site) who is completing work directly for NQBP A person or organisation engaged by contract, sub-contract or purchase order to carry out work for NQBP, to carry out specific tasks or activities, or to provide specified services within existing operations based at an NQBP site and/or port (Hay Point, Mackay, Bowen and Weipa). For example, you are a tradesperson undertaking work for NQBP.60-90 minutes
Administration Contractor
  • Administration contractor
  • Consultant (office based)

who is completing work directly for NQBP 

A person who is engaged by NQBP through an agency or company on a short-term basis to complete work in an office environment and who is based in NQBP corporate offices (Mackay or Brisbane). For example, you are a contractor undertaking work for NQBP.60-90 minutes
Corporate Employee NQBP employeesNQBP employees only.60-90 minutes
Port/Site Employee NQBP employeesNQBP employees only.60-90 minutes
Escorted Visitor only
(no online induction is required)
A person who is attending the NQBP workplace and will not be conducting work in either the secure port area or corporate office.  They will be issued with a visitor’s pass and be accompanied at all times by either an NQBP representative or, where appropriate, a person holding an NQBP access card.In person with NQBP (no online induction is required)



Before you complete the NQBP induction, please note the following:

  • You have an operational reason to gain access into the Port of Mackay or an NQBP site.
  • You will need to have facilities to print your final induction certificate.
  • Make sure you have the sound/volume turned on.
  • If you have a hearing impairment or have literacy difficulties, please contact your NQBP representative for an alternative arrangement to be organised for you to complete the induction.
  • Please log in with your full name (as per your photo identification) and company name – for example Toni Lee Smith, ABC Drilling Company.
  • The induction must be completed in one session as you are unable to save where you were up to and log back in.
  • You must view the induction in full and answer the test questions correctly.
  • Do not fast forward or skip through the induction or you will be unable to complete the induction. Once you have viewed the induction in full and you have successfully answered all the questions, NQBP will be notified that you have completed the induction and you will be requested to print off the certificate.
  • The induction is valid for two years from the date of completion.
  • If you have any issues when completing the induction, please speak with your NQBP representative.
  • Remember to print off the certificate when you complete the induction. This is your record of completing the online induction.


The best way to view the induction is to press F11 on your keyboard which will make internet explorer run full screen.

You will need to have Flash Player on your computer to complete this induction.  Click Flash Player – Download if this is not available on your computer.  If you are using an Apple Mac computer, press control-command-f to enter and exit full screen mode.


NQBP is committed to supporting organisations that help us to connect with our stakeholders and port communities. As a result, NQBP looks for opportunities to partner with organisations and community groups that help us to meet our business objectives, as well as deliver long-term benefits to the communities in which we operate.

To be issued a port access card, you will need to arrive at the NQBP Port Security Office with the following:

  • Photo identification
  • Copy of the online Induction Certificate
  • A written request from your employer seeking a right of entry for your access to the port
  • Payment of $65 for a two-year access card –
    • Only payments made by EFTPOS, Visa or Mastercard will be accepted.
    • No cash payments will be accepted.
    • American Express or Diners Club cards will not be accepted.

Read more about the Port of Mackay port access card.