NQBP is committed to meeting its community responsibilities. NQBP respects the aspirations and concerns of its port communities and stakeholders and as a business, acknowledges that social performance is a key factor by which its performance and success is measured by an increasing number of stakeholders.

Through its community and external relations activities, NQBP seeks to demonstrate its belief and commitment to this position. It aims to:

  • build awareness and understanding of its operations and activities at its individual ports
  • be inclusive and consultative in its dealings, thereby encouraging support within Government, industry, port communities and the wider public
  • assist the wellbeing of port communities through the Corporate Communities Program.

Community Initiatives


Great Barrier Reef Foundation Workshops

NQBP is proud to provide sponsorship to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to coordinate and facilitate workshops with experts and reef managers.

The workshops will focus on developing a research framework consisting of projects that focus on connectivity between nutrient flows, migration, larval dispersal and gene flow.

The Great Barrier Reef Strategic Assessment has identified connectivity as a major information gap, and as stewards of the environment surrounding its ports, NQBP is extremely proud to assist with this initiative which in turn may contribute greatly to the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

NQBP EcoPorts Grants

NQBP recognises that each of its port communities are different, and as such, it tailors its community initiatives to best suit the local community.

One broad program NQBP offers annually is our EcoPorts Grants to schools located in our port communities. Schools are invited to apply for one of ten $1,000 grants available to help them implement environmental initiatives that support a sustainable local environment.

These grants are an important part of NQBP’s extensive EcoPorts program which involves setting annual targets and objectives which deliver long-term benefits for the environment and community.

In past years the grants have assisted schools to implement environmental initiatives such as worm farms, recycling projects, creating sustainability corridors and building bush tucker gardens.

NQBP is very proud to offer the EcoPorts Grants which will help create greater awareness, understanding and appreciation for the environment.

Clean Up Australia Day

Every year in March, thousands of Australians get stuck in and clean up their local environment by collecting and removing rubbish for Clean Up Australia Day.

This year NQBP hosted a clean up site in the Mackay Harbour area and supported the clean up efforts in Bowen undertaken by the Bowen State School.

The Mackay Harbour clean up had an encouraging response from the community despite the less than favourable weather, with 30 volunteers offering their time to help. The volunteers were primarily made up of members of a local rural fire brigade, students and teachers from Mercy College Mackay and staff from NQBP, who all did a tremendous job in collecting rubbish.

The group collected a total of 26 bags. A majority of the rubbish was made up of plastic drink containers, aluminium cans, glass bottles and fast food packaging.

NQBP would like to thank all the volunteers that participated on the day.


AusmepaNQBP are proud sponsors of the Australian Marine Environment Protection Association (AUSMEPA). AUSMEPA is a not for profit association and through education they are a leader in protecting Australia’s marine environment with its comprehensive programs for students, teachers, seafarers, shipping industry and local communities. Schools and seafarers use AUSMEPA’s free innovative education resources to learn how to protect our precious marine environment.

Ocean Whispers:

Other community initiatives are outlined in the Community section on the relevant port pages.


NQBP is committed to supporting organisations that help us to connect with our stakeholders and port communities. As a result, NQBP looks for opportunities to partner with organisations and community groups that help us to meet our business objectives, as well as deliver long-term benefits to the communities in which we operate.

Our business operates across the regions of Bowen, Hay Point, Weipa and Mackay, with a set amount of funding allocated to each port.

We welcome requests for sponsorships and donations.  However, for varying reasons we are not able to fulfil all requests so our Sponsorship Guidelines have been developed to guide sponsorship seekers in understanding our objectives and developing proposals that may meet them.

To apply for a sponsorship or donation, proceed with the form below or complete the Application Form contained on the ‘sponsorship guidelines’ page discussed above. We will endeavour to respond to your request within 30 days of receipt of your application.

Community Engagement

Community Reference Groups

NQBP’s Community Reference Group (CRG) program currently includes the port communities of Hay Point and Mackay. The quarterly CRG meetings are a means to discuss issues relating to operations and development within the ports. They provide a forum for community members to raise and discuss issues of relevance and concern relating to operational and development activities.

Hay Point

The next meeting of the Hay Point CRG will be held on Thursday 4 December 2014 at 7.00 pm.

For more information on the Port of Hay Point CRG, please download the Guidelines and Terms of Reference.

For further information contact Emilie Pershouse on 4969 7773.

The minutes of previous meetings are available for downloading from the meeting minutes section under Community on the Port of Hay page.


For more information on the Port of Mackay CRG, please download the Guidelines and Terms of Reference.

The summaries of previous meetings are available for downloading from the meeting minutes section under Community on the Port of Mackay page.