Heavy lifting at the Port of Abbot Point

By February 13, 2017Abbot Point, News


Moving industrial equipment bigger than the size of your average house is no easy job, but a newly renovated Marine Offloading Facility (MOF) at Abbot Point helps with the heavy lifting.

A MOF allows the transfer of large equipment and materials to a port by barge rather than by road.

The newly renovated Port of Abbot Point MOF is almost ready to receive its first delivery with stage one of construction works now complete.

NQBP Senior Project Engineer Anoop Pillai says although special marine construction expertise was required on the project, local contractors were also used during construction.

“NQBP is proud to support the Bowen community and during peak construction, up to 30 local contractors were busy on site.

“Not only did these works directly employ local people, the project has brought more money through the town – with visiting workers eating at local restaurants and staying at local hotels,” says Mr Pillai.

Modifications to the MOF, originally built in 1982, allow for the safe and efficient delivery of large cargoes, starting with a replacement ‘stacker reclaimer’ used for coal loading.

However, Mr Pillai says the $8.5 million project will also benefit a number of different anticipated users in the future.

“It will be a great asset for the Port of Abbot Point, allowing for the cost efficient delivery of large cargoes with the added benefit of keeping them away from the busy Bruce Highway,” he says.

“Projects like these improve efficiency at our ports, providing assets for our customers and supporting the economic development of Queensland and the region.

“The upgraded MOF will also improve emergency response with a new light vessel jetty,” says Mr Pillai.

Federally approved maintenance dredging will occur within a set window of April to October.